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Hiroshi and Tomomi Tokui
Write articles, Web Designe, Produce
Handmade original clothe design


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heorshe project ( Free lance ) NYC/Tokyo 1998-present

Work as a Producer, Planner, Visual Creater, Web Designer, Japanese Teacher, Coordinator, The president of " How come not to be a house husband " and Writer. ...

Write an essay for Ryuko-Tsushin. Japanese fashion magazine in Nov / 2000. "EXILE" for eat magazine in 2003, "How to use iMovie2" for Mac People magazine in 2004, Research and write article for CHUO SENKO AGECY Inc., to find out a secret of "Brooklyn Children's Museum" in 1999. Produced fashion exhibition CLOTH, December 1999 at L'aterier. ..As an Interviewer: for "MAC PEOPLE" Japanese Macintosh magazine. ...
"FRaU "Japanese Fashion magazine, Degital FRaU Uchinoko. interviewed owners who regularly visit a dog run of Tompkins SQ. Park. ..
Designed business web site such as James C. Nolan, attorney at Law. - M&A Immigration.com , ... A world famous bag designer kazuyonakano.com , ...
Yggy Inc (2001)
Published book about "How to use DTV editing application. - iLove Movie 2 " in Feb,2001 (Apple product) " .
and "How to live in NYC as a Japanese. - NY Girigiri Seikatsu Guide" in Feb, 2002. These books were written in only Japanese. Published from Rutles Inc.


Nothing specials



Fluent Japanese and English .. Graduated Harvard University ESL program in 1996.

knowlede of Italian and Frrench.

8co and GAU164 Inc, NYC 1996-1997

Work as a Producer, Planner, Marketing Director, Representative, Work with Albert Watson Production, Make up artist-Michel Voyski, Bridge Film Production, Farkas Paris, 8co, H.Stern.
Worked for "ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN" music video production in 1997,
H.Stern Add project with a photographer Albert Watson and Tomato production of London in 1997. Dennis Rodman " WALK ON THE WILD SIDE" body painting in Chicago in 1996.

Free lance Producer and Planner, London / Paris / Tokyo 1993-1995

Planning for Fashion Magazines "DAZED & CONFUSED" "FACE" " ELLE" in London, "Citizen K" "Vittal" "Jardin des Mode" in Paris, "Vogue" "Moda" "Donna" in Italy in 1994 with a fashion photographer AKIRA. Planning for an advertisement of ANA Hello Tours London in 1995.
Produced a short Movie " Kyoko Koizumi Ucyujin Setsu / Victor Entertainment" in 1993, worked with a world high quality planner MASAHIKO SATO. Music Video "Kyoko Koizumi / Travel Rock / Victor Entertainment" in 1994.

Free-lance Producer, Tokyo 1992-1993 ..Sucobulu Complex, Tokyo 1991-1992

Produce some Artists as a Visual and Marketing producer. Produce Music Videos. "Josei-Joui Banzai/ Kyoko Koizumi / Yoko Ono. " "FKV Flying Kids". Planning for " Hiromi Go " revival.

Production for TVCM, Tokyo 1987-1991

Work as a Production Manager for Japanese big name clients. Received " ACC MONTHLY BEST COMMERCIAL PRIZE" JR Higashi Nihon TV Commercials 9.10/1989 1-3.8.11/1990 3-5.8.10/1991
Received "ACC BEST COMMERCIAL PRIZE of 1991" JR Higashi Nihon TV Commercial " Narita Express".
Received "THE 31st CLIO AWARDS for Special Effect Category" JR Tokai TV Commercial in 1989.

Free-lance photographer/Editor, Tokyo 1985-1988

Work as an Editor of weekly free paper for ISETAN Department store. Write some articles and take some picture, also work as an interviewer, Work as a Production Manager for many TV programs and DJ's events.


Computer skills Mainly Apple Macintosh: Photoshop. Illustrator, Premiere, After Effect, GoLive, Homepage pro, Excel, Word, PPT.
*Macromedia : Flash, Dreamweaver. Fire works Knowledge of HTML, Java script,CSS, FTP, DTV, DTP. Quick Time Movie. ..
*Enlarging :35mm, 6x6, 6x9, 4x5, Black and White pro quality printing ...
*Editing: linear, non-linear, Premiere, After Effect, iMovie 2. Digital Photo.and DV shooting.

Plus+ U.S. Green Card. Persian Cat Lover.....



Tomomi Tokui ( Free lance ) NYC 1999-present

Work as a fashion designer, has just started to provide high quality "handmade" clothe at online shop.Å@
and will establish a brand new brand in New York. (Summer of 2001)

Worked for Polo Ralph Lauren children's division as an asssitant in 1998.
Joined as an independent fashion designer for fashion exhibition " CLOTH" in 1999 in New York.


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