Some Cultural Lesson Here

Nippon wa doko ni arimasuka?:

Where's Japan? OK, If you are in America, keep going west....Are you kidding? of course farther than Hawaii! Hey where're you going? more more ...New York is situated on the same latitude as aomori Prefecture, the northern part of Honshu of Japan.


Population is 124 million. too many people live in too small area


Now, the Japanese, however, may argue that members cannot exist without the existence of groups.


Area is 146,000 square miles - Bigger than Germany, Italy, U.K.,Viet Nam, and ...smaller than California State. Did you know that?


Capital is Tokyo ... Tokyo means eastern capital in Japanese and expensive everything in English.


Language is Japanese ... Now you are studying it and you may have realised that is easy? aha, No? difficult? Ok, lets put it this way...


Yen ... I'm so sad about this...was strong.


Mt.Fuji -3.776m don't forget this is dormant volcano.


A climate is characterized by four distinct seasons. The difference between winter temperatures and summer temperatures is more than 54 degrees F.


Where are they? We don't really have real Geisha as you expected. And Maiko, who you can find them especially in Kyoto, and Geisha is different kind.


Please don't misunderstand this ... Typical Japanese people don't eat Sushi everyday. We hardly ever eat Sushi from early in the morning except someone who works as a club hostess in Ginza.


National flower is Kiku=Chrysanthemum. We eat it with is shungiku.

Onna no ko:

As a matter of fact, many beautiful Japanese girls can not speak English, only Japanese... So...what should you learn?

Otoko no ko:

Unfortunately, Japanese men have some bad reputations .... I think it's getting better...


"Food Buff" What a lot of delicious staff there ... I'll just tell you my secret list.


All foreigners who stay in Japan are automatically called " Gaijin" against their will....means of this is" the outside human being" if I translate literally. In the middle of 70's, my teacher taught me so. Do you believe this?


House is not so big like American typical house. If you live in Manhattan, it's almost same size, rent and unconformable ...especially in a big city. We do not live in a rabbit house, we also have many homeless, but some homeless live in danboru house (cardboard house) .


Recent Japan' Animation=Japanimation established its status with excellent reputations. And we should realise that Auther MR.MIYAZAKI,Hayao's Animation, which title is " Mononoke Hime", will strike the states and it will have influence on recognition of Japanese culture.


This pronounciation should be " eebui" which means XXX things in Japan or shorten of Adlut Video. It is absolutely not same as Audio and Visual, be careful!

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